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Hi! My name's Sarah and

I make pretty web things.

I'm an experienced web developer who's been working in the industry for the better part of the last decade, first as a web designer and UX engineer, but mostly as a frontend developer and full-stack engineer.

My Work

A few choice cuts from my professional endeavors

  • Whether building full-stack web apps in Typescript for Fortune 10 clientele, leveraging serverless platforms for rapid iteration on enterprise-scale ecommerce projects, or running regular pair programming sessions to support team members trying to grow, working at Heat Waves gives me opportunities to flex my engineering and team support skills while working with truly incredible clients.

    Heat Waves's homepage

  • I worked as a full-stack generalist, going where ever the project needed - backend (Node, Mongo, Postgres, 12 factor apps), frontend (Vue/React/Typescript), design (Figma/UX/UI), QA (testing, both manual and automated w/ > 50% code coverage), or technical product management (archtecture, spec generation, client liasing). Variety is the spice of life, and agency work is never boring!

    Arck Interactive's homepage

  • Working as a frontend developer, I helped build out the user interface of their smart calendar product using Vue. It is always a joy to work with a large team on a project built with TDD principles in mind, and this product in particular was fantastic. My first real Typescript job, and while it was challenging at first, I've grown to love the language.

    Keap/InfusionSoft's homepage

  • I helped build & expand Komae's first product, a platform allowing for community-based childcare exchange called Wana. Working on Wana, I switched between backend, web, and mobile client developer roles, working with Node, Express, C#, MySQL, all deployed and automated on Azure. Client-side, I worked with Vue, Sass & Webpack for the web client and NativeScript-Vue and eventually React Native for the Komae mobile app.

    Komae/Wana's homepage

  • While working at Yaymaker, I helped build & launch React/Redux/GraphQL & Node/Express/Postgres internationalized ticket checkout system. Additionally, I authored curriculum and held workshops to familiarize team with new front-end libraries and practices, such as React, Redux, ES6, Babel, & Webpack.

    Yaymaker/Paint Nite's homepage

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