Hi! My name's Sarah and

I make pretty web things.

I'm an experienced web developer who's been working in the industry for the better part of the last decade, first as a web designer and UX engineer, but mostly as a frontend developer and full-stack engineer.

For development, I usually work w/ a varied Javascript stack for rapid prototyping and larger, full-stack projects. I also tinker in Phoenix, Ruby, and I'm learning Rust.
You can find my code on Github →

For art & design, I tend to work in CSS, Canvas, and SVG. My current passion is to program simulated life forms that scurry about, spilling pixels all over the canvas in frantic and beautiful ways.
You can find my artistic endeavors on Dribbble →

A portrait of Sarah Robin wearing a floral facemask and thick eyeglasses with her brown hair tied back in a ponytail, taken in front of a transgender pride flag


Personal Life

Outside of work, I spend my time making art (ranging from model kits to watercolors to generative css experiments), cooking up a storm, and being entirely too finicky about tea. As well, I'm a devoted gardener and loving plant mom - I will send pictures of my garden if provoked!

I also enjoy hiking, I'm learning to climb, and I enjoy a veritable bevvy of nerdy pasttimes. Feel free to ask me about them, as I will happily infodump about any of my interests!